Spay and Neuter
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An important step in your pet’s first year of veterinary care is their spay/neuter surgery. Clarion Animal Hospital recommends spay and neuter procedures for most cats and small or medium-sized dog breeds as early as 6-8 months old. Large and extra-large breeds should typically wait until they are around 12 months of age, so they can finish growing.

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Why Should Pets Be Spayed and Neutered?

There are several reasons we recommend spaying and neutering for pets, which you can see below. The health of your pet is our priority and spay/neuter surgeries can benefit their health (and behavior) in a few ways.

Eliminates the Heat Cycle in Females

Intact female cats and dogs may start going into heat as early as 7 months old. This regular event will naturally draw the attention of male dogs or cats in the area, potentially leading to unwanted encounters or worse, an accidental pet pregnancy. The female heat cycle is also uncomfortable for your pet, and it can be frustrating to have to deal with each month. Spaying puts an end to the heat cycle for good.

Reduces Hormone-Driven Behaviors

Neutering your male dog or cat can reduce or even prevent irritating or destructive hormonal behaviors, such as urine spraying, general aggressiveness, mounting, and roaming when nearby females are in heat. It is important to note that while certain behaviors can be eliminated, your pet’s personality as a whole will not be altered after neutering.

Animal Homelessness & Overpopulation

Another benefit of spaying and neutering pets is that it can keep stray animal populations and pet homelessness under control. Millions of dogs and cats in shelters are euthanized every year, not necessarily because they are sick, but because there simply are not resources to care for them all. Spaying and neutering can put a dent in this number, and help more dogs and cats find forever homes.

Better Overall Health for Your Pet

Pets that are spayed or neutered have a chance of living a longer, healthier life. This is because spay and neuter surgeries can prevent certain diseases of the reproductive organs, or at least reduce their likelihood of occurring. Female diseases like pyometra, mammary cancer, and uterine cancer can be prevented with the spay procedure. Male diseases like testicular cancer can be prevented, and the risk of prostate enlargement can be reduced significantly.

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